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When You Need a Lawyer and When You Don’t.

Find out if you need legal help, or when you can get by doing it on your own.

Speeding in your car is against the law, but so is petty theft. One can get you a ticket and a point on your record, the other, possible jail time. Both instances require attention, but only one will need an attorney to handle their defense. This is just a couple of the countless examples which may or may not require legal representation – it’s best to know when to hire a lawyer, and when you might not need one.

Speak to a good lawyer who offers a free consultation if:

You Risk Losing a lot of Money

You Risk Going to Jail

The Other Party Has Hired an Attorney

You’re Involved in a Complicated Divorce

Any Bodily Injury is Involved

Representing Yourself may be Okay if:

Your Divorce is Simple

Your Dispute is Minor and can be Handled by Small Claims Court

The Traffic Violation was Minor

The question to ask yourself is: How much is your peace of mind worth, knowing that the problem is being handled by a professional? When in doubt, find a lawyer that you trust and schedule a free consultation. In the end, you’ll be glad you did!


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