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Traumatic Brain Injury - Get the Most From Your Claim

Traumatic brain injury or TBI is the result of a bump, blow or jolt to the head. Some of the causes of a TBI include car accidents, falling, sports injuries, violence, and being struck by an object. Trauma to the brain can cause dysfunction. The head and brain are extremely delicate and any of these causes can potentially result in severe damage.

There are different types of damage TBI can cause based on the area of the brain where the trauma occurred. For example, damage to the temporal lobe can affect your language and speech. If you’ve suffered trauma to the head, it’s important to seek help from a medical professional. They will be able to run tests to determine how severe the trauma is. Common side effects of TBI include:

● Memory loss

● Headaches

● Lack of energy

● Confusion

● Difficulty concentrating

● Dizziness or loss of balance

● Numbness

● Changes in sleep pattern

● Blurred vision

● Nausea or vomiting

● Speech problems

● Mood swings

Something else to keep in mind is that symptoms of TBI can be immediate or delayed. It could take a few days for you to notice any symptoms.

Some people suffer from a brain injury that isn’t their fault. This could be from a car accident or slipping and falling. If this sounds like you, you may qualify for compensation. If someone else is at fault for the accident that resulted in your injuries, it might be time to reach out to a personal injury attorney. Here at the Law Office of Georgia Anderson, we fight for our clients who have suffered from life-changing injuries. We work diligently to ensure you get the most money from your claim. We understand the negative impact TBI can cause for you and your family. Medical bills begin to pile up and you also have to deal with the pain and suffering from both emotional and physical damage. As your lawyer, we’ll never ask you for any money unless we help win your case.

If you’ve endured a TBI, it’s time to work with a reliable lawyer. Contact us at the Law Office of Georgia Anderson to see how we can assist you.

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. You deserve to be compensated for your suffering.


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